Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hand Excavated Diamond Pit

Created by 19th century diamond miners, it is still widely believed to be the biggest hand-excavated hole in the world as it also once had a hill above it. The first diamonds were discovered in 1871 on the De Beers farm near the town that is today called Kimberley. Within months thousands of prospectors had arrived to unearth the gems. Over the next 43 years more than 50,000 people would discover nearly 3,000 kilograms of diamonds. In total, it is estimated that using nothing more than picks, shovels and miners buckets they displaced more than 22 million tons of earth and rock. At its deepest point it was nearly a quarter of a kilometer in below ground level. After mining became too dangerous and unproductive in 1914 the Big Hole was partially filled in with rock from other excavations and water has since accumulated to a depth of 40 metres. from


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