Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm Thinking it's Because You're Scared

Slavery and poverty are big issues, but it seems you haven't learned from history. Or, maybe you just are completely ignorant about our global past.

Have the courage to step up out of your coward's haven to take a stand. You have a duty. Then, do something about it.


slyfoxdoc said...

An inconvenient historical fact for some minorities is
the slave trade to the North American continent was
facilitated by Blacks in Africa who captured rival
tribe's enemies and sold them to slave traders.
Slavery still exists in some African countries while
the United States fought a bloody civil was to eliminate
it 150 years ago.
Despite terrible mistreatment of Blacks in our recent
past, today Blacks enjoy freedom and prosperity only
dreamed of in 21st Century Africa.

E. E. Slater said...

Slavery impacts everyone, and very few people care enough to eradicate it. You'd think certain critics who rail against slavery would go to war against enemies of freedom. I think the critics are covering up an agenda that likes domination, control, and the feel of supremacy.