Friday, February 17, 2017

Open Immigration

Does open immigration have a negative effect on a country’s standard of living?

If you seek to forbid open immigration on the grounds that it lowers your standard of living, remember, it's only true if immigrants harm you through theft or injury. That's a matter for law enforcement. Otherwise, you can't make the standard of living claim unless your taxes are redistributed to the immigrants, diluting services due you.

If you believe legal immigrants increase the pool of competition, thereby disadvantaging America, you're wrong. Open competition in a free market culture is necessary and fair. If you don't want open competition or a free market, find your way to Havana for a wake-up.

Inspired by Ayn Rand's comments on open immigration

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The Paulster said...

Does open competition extend to Hong Kong, China, India, Taiwan, and other places? Those workers are eating our lunch by selling to Americans. Then, they bank the 90% profits and try to purchase America. We're losing our country.