Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review Freedom Shift by Oliver DeMille

Oliver DeMille has found a gemstone way down inside the sand and gravel pit of opinion on American freedom's history, and he has brilliantly envisioned a cure that could resurrect America's heritage from a lesson on the history of human greatness, where the 3%-97% rule applies. The author latched onto a golden quote from his long time mentor (Cleon Skousen) “...during the American founding era a mere three percent of the population made most of the sacrifices, did most of the work, and made most of the decisions which established America as the most free and prosperous nation in history.” I'm giving the author an A for making this high value conclusion.
Other conclusions I really like:
  • (There are producers and there are dependents). “...only a society of producers can maintain freedom.”
  • The only hope for a new generation of producers is to promote freedom.”
  • ...a thankful society naturally obtains a prosperous economy.”
P.217: A Return to Tribal Education (chapter 20) is a reminder that role models are a crucial element in family development, and hence individual development. Elijah's story (with an apprentice) adds credence to the author's opinion about setting an example for our descendents.
I was scared halfway to a “oh, no, not social justice” conclusion when I read (p.245) Mr. DeMille's contention that Social Justice is one of eight essential traditions of freedom. Luckily, his explanation was soothing, though. His definition of social justice is not central control of wealth redistribution, but one demanding that all seven other enumerated freedoms be made available to all people, not a limited group of privileged people. Whew!
If you have the privilege of reading Mr. DeMille's 262 pages, give special attention to his descriptions of “the Scarcity Party and the Abundance Party” It's an insightful way to see our current political parties and a way to envision a better choice.

The author gives credit for our sea of freedom to the 3 percent, our patriot founders. There is one chapter missing, though. It's the chapter I'd call “What Made the Founders Think They Could Succeed?” There would be a clear answer: it's the support of the same force that created the Universe: A God who never ever fails.

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