Saturday, February 8, 2014

Are You Workin' on it Too?

I’m ignorant... I must be.
There seems to be so much I never found out. And, what I think I know may be wrong. The evidence is everywhere.
At least, the evidence that I'm ignorant is everywhere on the Internet, on TV, and in my local newspaper. Influential noise comes from everywhere, and it pretty much leads me to conclude that I’m off track.
I thought if I found a person who seemed to be unburdened with ignorance, I could just follow along. But, who is this encyclopedic citizen I need to meet? Is he a philosopher? How much do philosophers really know? I got the clear impression fifty years ago that mathematics would be the subject to teach me how think. Now, I could say I know some math, but what’s that worth? Maybe I could just read everything I can find. Oh, no...that’s the problem. Fact and fiction can be packaged just alike. I can’t be everywhere in order to verify everything that happens. Nobody can. So...I’ll be stuck figuring out who to trust for the truth.  Isn’t that really the bottom line?
Maybe my information comes from sources that are just mistaken. No foul...just honest errors. You know, heat of the battle to find a story...chaos in the newsroom. A little misunderstanding. License. A stretch to make it fit an editorial goal. Innocent.
It couldn’t be misbehavior, could it? A sly calculated twist? Am I listening to people who are feeding me a line of misinformation? Why would they do that? I hope this doesn’t tempt me into taking a psychology class. I don’t want to stray too far from my real objective...the real truth.
Where do you go for facts? Who do you trust? Are you workin’ on it, too?.

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Feve Storbes said...

Don't trust the wrong person. There are pretenders out there.