Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Waste Not Idea

I'm driven to waste-not. I try hard to not throw away good water, good food, good electricity or fuel, good opportunities, good friendships, nor good information. I fight to subdue wasteful temptations, and I've taken out a few temptations in the fourteenth round. I've earned an evil reputation as a very poor gift giver. But, I know what the most valuable gifts are, and I understand what it means to give them. I'm thankful for the little I've got, because for most everything I have, I worked hard for it. I'm thankful for the people who think of me and call me on the phone just to say hello. I'm thankful for lots and lots of other things, too, and I don't regret not having the things I couldn't get on my own. It's possible I'm the clam people are happy as.

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Feve Storbes said...

That post reminds me of a gem...I insist on paying for everything I get, and I insist on getting everything I pay for.