Sunday, October 25, 2015

Assessing Statistics Multiculturally

Assessing Statistics Multiculturally

A distressing jaunt through the statistics of gun murders in the world leaves Americans in my neighborhood ashamed of the numbers. Hopefully, the facts of multiculturalism will straighten out American guilt and lead professional assessors to the root cause of American gun murders. This is important because cutting off the head of the snake (neutralizing the root cause) is the only way to stop the terror. Luckily, we have academic prowess and professorial stewardship of lots of uniquely different cultures within our borders.
It makes Americans proud to know we have welcomed enclaves of distinctly different mini countries right here. There's Little Italy, Chinatown, French Quarter, Brighton Beach, Fire Island, the South Side, the other side of the tracks, South of Broad, Muslim Detroit, Vietnamese Minneapolis, Latin L.A., the Hispanic Southwest, the Bible Belt, Sanctuary Cities, Appalachia, and hundreds of other centers of distinct cultures. There are hubs of melting potters and pockets of other cultures with melting points too high to blend in. There are assimilationists and nonconformists. There are people living and working in America who know what America was two hundred and fifty years ago and there are others who don't know. There are residents who regard this country as a haven of freedom's cornucopia. There are Americans with long generational ties who have come to regard this country as evil, and when they hear the gun murder rate they know for certain they are right. There are patriots and there are anarchists, all looking for indisputable validation of their opinions and causes. There are metro-inhabitants, suburbanites, homeless, ruralists, cultists, RVers, and others trying to hold onto their inalienable rights. Oh, the litany of independent cultures is too long to catalogue simply.
So, the multiculturalist in me wants to study gun murders delineated and dissected for every culture even though the demographic averager in me does not. Let's take the not-so happy average numbers first.
Looking for the real statistics? More next time.


Ari Stottle said...

No matter how ethical and moral (and like Jesus himself) YOU are, there will be ten murders in South Chicago next weekend.

Ed Slater said...

The culture of south Chicago is like it is is because lifestyle choices don't match income choices. Most people who care could believe that it's the opposite, where incomes are way too low to allow people to live with dignity. Although this is true, it cannot be changed the easy way. It's far easier to change lifestyles. Get perspective from "Poverty's One Root Cause" (EESlater, 2014) at