Friday, October 9, 2015

Giving God Credit

You may be inclined to give God credit for everything. Or, you might not give God credit for anything. In fact, you may not even believe God (or a creator) exists. You might have decided to give God credit for some things (selectively), and not for other “free will” circumstances.

If you chose “selectively”, then you seem to have set yourself up as God's inspired assistant, judging and choosing for yourself. Let's look at why you think you are qualified:
  • You might believe that God has spoken to you about the specific things He Himself has done.
  • You might believe you are a bona fide Prophet of God, able to pass on inspired messages sent to you from God Himself.
  • You may have concluded that there is a list of things and circumstances that are always attributable to the Creator of the Universe, and anything not on the list was probably accomplished by humans. For example, your list of the Creator's accomplishments might include miracles and super human feats like the Immaculate Conception and the Resurrection. Your list probably would not include killer tsunamis nor worldwide pandemics. Semi-miraculous events like saving those miners in the 2010 Chilean CopiapĆ³ mining incident and the (Joe Namath) Jets' win in the 1969 Super Bowl III wouldn't make it.

Think about why you would think of yourself as God's inspired assistant. Well, here's a thought: Biblical stories have been written about lots of characters who got their instructions directly from God. There's Jonah, Job, Joshua, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, John of Patmos, Samuel, Paul, and (there were dozens of) others. Why not you? So, that's it.

Why not you?

If you have been inspired directly by God, please leave a note in the comment section. Thanks.


slyfox said...

Nothing inspires me more than observing and enjoying the magnificent handiwork of God's creation. From the beauty of a rose, to the glory of a summer sunset on the seashore, to the majesty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains or the Grand Canyon, to the amazing pictures of the distant galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope, to the boundless energy of young children at play.... this universe did not "just happen."
The Supreme Being, the Creator, inspires me in ways perhaps different than a direct revelation experienced by prophets, but to me it is everything.

Warren Ricken said...

This is thoughtful stuff. Maybe we could do breakfast and work through the whole of it.