Sunday, October 4, 2015

Self Esteem and Self Actualization

There may be people who seek their share of self esteem by joining a group of highly esteemed or famous persons in order to become equal. Being “somebody” for them could be “being just like everybody else”. Socialism might be the pot of gold some esteem seekers are looking for. Socialism advertises “equality” with a billboard where there's milk and honey. On the billboard, people are good looking, and there are beautiful clothes for everyone. Looks like paradise.

People who have gone beyond the self esteem stage have risen by finding how to manufacture their own esteem (actualization). These are the folks who tend toward self-reliance and a conservative way of life. The conservative way stems from the fact that the secret to self actualization is through dedication to personal responsibility, not waiting for someone else to provide your food, shelter, clothing, or social life. Personal responsibility means honest hard work, living by a set of princples, and being the person you'd want as your neighbor.

Socialists and conservatives have the same kind of expectations, but “who provides” the food, shelter, clothing, and social life is the us versus them of these cultures.

Liberals are a handicapped kind of Socialists. Liberals like the idea of equality for you, but not for them. Liberals philanthropically seek to charitably give as much of your money as possible to other people who don't have as much. There's the pride in Liberalism. Giving. Liberals maintain the secret “us” and “them” compartments. That's where the handicap is evident. Socialism insists that everyone must be equal, and their committee men maintain a publicity department to make sure you keep believing that. Liberals insist that not they themselves, but only “the others” must be made equal.

In Socialism, the Socialist Central Committee is a limited group of specially privileged citizens, a somewhat invisible smoke filled gentlemen's club , but Liberalism has an open bar, where anyone who wants to come in can belly up. If you're liberal enough, you can stay. If not, you'll probably be thrown out as bait for the media alligators. It's here in the Liberal Tap Room that the Bard's art is as good as gold. Pretense allows a person of any stripe to work the open bar for publicity, acceptance, and a job. Some of the greatest actors and actresses have carved their initials in the Liberalism bar.

The greatest Liberal attribute is that of “importance”. If you are clearly “special”, you are probably drawn to Liberalism. By regression, a scientific survey of all the people who use airs and arrogance to cloak themselves would fall into the top 20th percentile of the Liberal designation. I cite France, Greece, and Argentina as my first exhibits. You know I'm right.  


Pomade and Borscht said...

I sense you're right. Aw, I know you're right.

L-Dawg said...

Is this one of those blogs where there are a couple dozen paid commenters? How much do they make?

Wink Goodfellow said...

Are you saying self actualization is related to self esteem? When you create your own self esteem is that self actualization? Is that the highest form of confidence and satisfaction with yourself? Is that what Libs are missing? Is this a nuclear revelation?

Isaacs said...

How to create a Liberal and how to create a Conservative is the subject of "The Freedom Rift" (Arduri 1949). Mr. Arduri's conjecture is based on psychological science validated and peer reviewed in four countries. Good job.

Lambert Arduri said...

Thank you for mentioning my paper. I have come to believe Liberals and Conservatives in the 21st century live day to day for the little war that sustains them, Liberals are the attack chihuahuas who try to assassinate their competition from the ankles up, and Conservatives are the mules in the 20 mule team. The mules are constantly swishing and stomping at the chihuahuas while they try to plow and reap. Freedom is the victim because of manic ankle biting (Liberals) and the distractions from a worthy job at hand (Conservatives).

In case you didn't read my Introduction to The Freedom Rift, freedom is the golden key that unlocks future survival for all mankind. LA

C. Frei said...

It is so elusive to pin down what is real.