Wednesday, June 29, 2016

On Hillaryism

Reference: From June 28, 2016 Elkhart Truth Opinion page: “Hillaryism is more of the status quo” by Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer, in his “Hillaryism is more of the status quo” essay contends that the 8 year development of an Obama legacy is one of tired cliches and vacuous, meaningless political teleprompter rhetoric. It's a caution that the gold star that's missing from Hillary's candidacy package is not there because of those missing things that would matter most: honesty, heart, and compassion. Krauthammer leads you and me to conclude Hillary's character, though implied by other Pulitzer class purveyors to exist, is actually imaginary. Non-existent. What's there behind the curtain is a collection of sand and gravel salted with fool's gold.
Hillary, he says, is trapped by circumstance, and she doesn't have any ideas for a way out that would also propel America forward. Faced with the prospect of crumbling infrastructure, she has neither the means nor the inventive gravitas to conceive of real repair plans, only useless 4th grade Arbor Day-ish posters designed to lampoon the crumble.
Krauthammer seems to have witnessed and reported accurately what I'd call the whore's rouge and faux beauty marks masking the foot fungus of real Liberalism. He refers to underlying sclerosis, dysfunction, and the source of present day miseries in his description. He uses sufficient clarity mixed with thesaurus enriched metaphors to attract the attention of the Conservative audience to his point. His “say it like it is” reputation probably limits readership to the untainted and the unastray, unfortunately.

The reality of Krauthammer's 700 word “Hillaryism” essay is that only a small crowd around Elkhart County paid attention. My guess is that only a few percent of Elkhart Truth readers tried to absorb Charles' opinion. I wish it were more. How many readers just browsed the headline and moved on? Eventually, we'll try to analyze why the other 90-some percent of readers gave up and skipped over to read Dilbert.

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