Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why do American Jews vote Democrat?

For American Jews, being called racists would be their biggest shame. Only 41% of American Jews are practicing Jews. That leaves the 59% group identifying more with secularism than Judaism. Secular Jews don't regard the conservative teachings of the Torah to have influence over their un-Jewish lives. Over half of American Jews see their European roots as “the people who suffered the Holocaust,” and a great majority of Jews have very strong fears of being called “racist.” I'd say they've taken their Holocaust revulsion and made a solemn promise to “never act like a racist.”

Unfortunately, the Liberal machine has succeeded in convincing lots of voters that Republicans are gun nuts and racists. Of course, this is nonsense except for an uncountable small number of conservatives and Republicans. That's why lots of Jews vote against the Republicans who have been falsely characterized as Nazi-like racists.

Jews tend to harbor sympathy for the little guy. There's been overwhelming victimhood rampant in
American media stories. Jews cannot let go of the idea that big guys take advantage of little guys, and
Republicans have been painted as big guys (Wall Streeters, CEOs, wealthy, rich, successful). I think it's uncomplicated as to why Jews huddle with the little guy, since Jews have always been treated like little worthless people. American Jews have been repeatedly convinced that American racism disadvantages American Muslims, too. How can Jews vote against their sympathetic alliance with anti-racist Democrats?
Why can't Republicans shake the labels of “racist” and “bully?” It's because of a coordinated effective media message that comes from at least eleven seemingly solid news streams.
• WaPo
• Yahoo
• Obama administration news conferences
• Hollywood elite using a public spotlight to illuminate their scripted fights against the evil
Republican straw man.

Conservative points of view and honest unbiased reporting are routinely attacked. Outlets that dare to
expose the Lib 11 are assassinated (virtually) and demagogued by the 11. By the way, the shame of “being thought of as a racist” is also one of the biggest factors causing lots of non-Jewish Americans to vote anti-Republican, and I think this one factor was the most influential in electing Obama twice. Even Bernie's “free stuff” policy can't out attract the Democrat mainstream candidate, Hillary. Hillary is assumed by many to be anti-racist. I think she also has unadvertised assets that cannot be beaten in an otherwise fair election.


Miss Doughnut 1975 said...

My neighbor who is many times more knowledgeable than I told me (while we were rapping out on the lawn) that the answer to this question is "evangelicalism". He said American Jews fear backlash and virtual jihad from American Evangelicals more than from any other source. I wouldn't have guessed it because I think most Americans love their neighbors as they love themselves. At least that's what my other neighbor told me.

Girard Diaper Doo said...

What about Jews who love freedom?

Jack's son Jessie said...

Is racism or prejudice blinding all of you?